Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sorry for the lack of photos to update, but the boy moves so fast that most of them just come out blurry!

I titled this entry mischief because that seems to be the theme of the whole month! Our little stinker now has to be locked upstairs or down (depending on where we are) because he likes to roam away now! Where I used to be able to sneak away and change the laundry before he even noticed I was gone, now I turn around and he's right there at my feet trying to feed the dogs! He enjoys feeding them very much, and now he can even reach the treat jar, open it and give them tiny fistfuls of duck jerky! Not to worry though, our pitties are very well-behaved and wait patiently for him to decide when to hand them over.

He's spent a few nights with G&G Guida and he now carries my childhood "I'm going to grandma's" suitcase with him when he goes. It's adorable, but we may have to modify it and turn the little girl into a boy. He loves his time there because he has so many cupboards to rummage through, rooms to wander, fake flowers to smell and doors to open (he can manage their handles, but not our knobs yet, thank goodness!). And of course we know he enjoys the food there!

He quickly learned a new word: "coo-kie!" after a trip to Costco when he was so well-behaved we got a big box of chocolate chip to share. When they were finally gone he watched Terry throw the container away, then promptly dug it back out and brought it into the living room saying, "coo-kie, coo-kie, coo-kie!" So now he likes to dig in the trash for potential treasures! He often uses that word in unrelated activities, possibly hoping that Mom might take the hint and fetch one for him.

The garbage has become such a problem that Dad found a clamp to keep it shut, but Will figured it out in one afternoon! He came waltzing into the living room with it and began to terrorize Baby, who thinks it too closely resembles the nail clippers. He had a riot when he realized that she was running away from him, and he cackled loudly as he chased her several times around the coffee table!

Feeding himself is going well, despite this particularly hilarious photo. He does seem to manage to ruin every pair of pants that Daddy wears to the dinner table though...

He has perfected "bye-bye" finally and uses that at random as well. He does pick up on people ending conversations on the phone and leaving the house, but he usually waits until they are gone to say it.

That's all for now, hopefully I can catch my little blur once in a while to add some more updates!

Happy birthday, Nana!


  1. So funny to here about this little guy! It only gets worse! =)
    I am having a trash issue at the moment with my little 1 year old. He throws everything away or is pulling everything out. We were missing the remote last week and after searcdhing high and low with no success ,I decided to go outside and dig threw the garbage I had just thrown away.(disgusting, I know) LUCKILY it was in there and now I wonder what else was thrown away without me noticing!

  2. I read this to my Dad and he had a good chuckle with me. Will sounds so cute! I want to see him before he gets much bigger! Tell him to stop growing so fast. ^_^