Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas #2!!

We had a special treat this year for Christmas, we got to see my brother's family several times in one week! They came over to watch movies and made us fondue one night, we made chicken enchiladas on another movie night, and everyone joined us again on Christmas night.

Unfortunately Will was running a high fever most of the week, but he was still in good spirits most of the time. We opened our presents (what was left of the ones I could actually wait to give him) on Christmas Eve, which has become our tradition. We took some cute home movies of the five of us on the floor in the living room playing with Hot Wheels, race tracks, and silly socks! Eventually we fell asleep before the big day.

Will woke up very sad on Christmas day, he had a very pitiful cry and just wanted to cuddle for about an hour. I was more than happy to oblige, and we watched cartoon specials before getting ready to go to Chris and Shelly's.

He starting feeling better after a nap on the drive, and after a delicious breakfast prepared by Shelly, we had a great time opening tons of presents. His favorites were a guitar from Grandma so that he could play with Uncle Chris, a farm puzzle from Aunt Shelly, a whole collection of Hot Wheels from Nana, and of course, a Swiffer from Mommy!

He had so much excitement that he fell asleep on the ride back home, so we missed the Moore family gathering at Nony's, and he slept about 5 hours! He slept right through our spiral ham and clam chowder dinner, all the talking and laughing, and finally woke up just in time to have a Skype video chat with Nana and Aunt Carolyn before everyone headed home.

Uncle Harry hung out for a while, and we watched Finding Nemo before bed. It was another great Christmas with our favorite people!

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