Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Friend's Birthday!

Wow! Corbin's 1st birthday bash was off-the-hook! Will had the most fun he's had in his WHOLE LIFE!! Corbin is the youngest child of my friend Teresa (who makes the most beautiful kids, as you can see...). Corbin's quite a live-wire, and his guests partied hard with a junior-sized ball pit, balloons, a slide, Rock Band on the Wii, a house full of beautiful, extremely friendly older women, food, cake and ice cream (of course), and even Will's favorite...a ceiling fan! My friends from work passed him around like a party favor, and he and the boy of the hour even swapped pacifiers a couple of times!

It was great fun to see from the other boys (Corbin 1 year, and Teresa's nephew Hayes 18 mos.) the kind of development we can expect to see from Will over the next year! It's amazing...Corbin crawls like lightening, and is almost courageous enough to start walking! And Will may not even be the youngest at his 1st birthday party in July...Tiffany, from work, will have a brand new boy by then!

We had a great time, and look forward to future get-togethers with our new buddies!

Belated Birthday Blog

Sorry we're a little late everybody, but it's birthday season! After Nana's in January came Aunt Shelly's and cousin Nick's in February. We had a great little get-together with a family convoy around the park, a most-delicious brisket and homemade mac & cheese provided by Shelly, and live acoustic music provided by Uncle Chris. Will enjoyed both very much, though the former he received second-hand.

After endless teasing about not being able to find a much-desired "clown helmet" (Clone...Star Wars thing) anywhere, we made the birthday boy very happy, and Mom and Dad maybe not so much. This silly contraption has built-in push-button phrases, and can change a perfectly acceptable young boy's voice to sound like that of a drive-thru restaurant employee's. As you can see, it is quite large and the voice-modifier-unit was too low to pick up Nick's commands. So, the world's smallest engineer hardly missed a beat as he connected a cardboard tube to the mouthpiece that enabled his voice to travel the necessary distance! That kid will be at work helping Dad and Uncle Terry solve problems in no time!