Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Anniversary Weekend

We can't believe how fast and wonderful the last three years have been! Every day just keeps getting better! To celebrate, Mom and Dominick invited us up to watch the balloon festival and spend the night. We went shooting with our long-time friends Liz and Bill, and had a private balloon launch while dining alfresco. After dinner we munched on s'mores with Nick and Andi at Will's first campfire, and visited for a while before heading out to a movie. In the morning they fixed a delicious spread, as usual, and we got to visit with Chris and Shelly too. Then in the afternoon we headed over to a friend's farm for Will's first up-close-and-personal visit with livestock! We had a fabulous time petting all the animals, picking flowers, and taking lots of pictures! They even had a tire swing: something we'll definitely have to invest in! He was exhausted, and it kept him entertained and improved his balance for close to an hour! It was a wonderful way to celebrate our wonderful life together!

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Fun with Dad!

One of Will's and Dad's favorite times in the day is when Daddy comes home from work and up the driveway! I hear an excited shriek "Da-ie!" followed by frantic slapping on the window pane as if to direct him in case Dad forgets where he is one day. Will also loves any part of the day that he can sneak into the dog's water dish, be naked, practice walking, or eat. He's pretty easy to please!

We got a new camera this week, and decided to take a trip up to Park City to play with it. They have lilies (my favorite) everywhere and I was at least 10 feet away(!) from this one, and we caught the hummingbird in Grandma's front yard! We'll have to go again in a few weeks to see the leaves changing! Can't wait to see it capture the boy in full-speed, crystal clear high definition!

1st Birthday!!!

The best, smartest, funniest, silliest, sweetest, most handsome, most wonderful, most loved boy in the world got to celebrate his birthday for about two weeks straight! It started when we took Nana with us to buy birthday presents at ToysRus and we gave him almost everything the very next day! But our big party was the weekend before his birthday, and we had a full yard of family and friends to help us celebrate! (We're not the only ones that think he is so wonderful!) We had everything, a pool, a trampoline, a swing, great food, great company, and of course the best entertainment! One of the most memorable moments was when he had a major blowout messy diaper right as I was delivering his birthday cake to him! After that cleanup, there was the cake pulverizing, bath, presents, a brief nap, and a private fireworks display in the driveway until I finally had to lay him down out of sheer exhaustion!

On his actual birthday, I took the night off and we just played on the floor most of the day with all of his new blocks, books, walkers, etc. He got to watch TV as Dad had promised (a rarity for us), grandma visited, and Nana took us to the Olive Garden for dinner. I thought it was an excellent birth(week), and he definitely seemed pleased. Can't wait to see what future years bring...

Silly moments, and a special visit!

Though it may make Dad uncomfortable at times, Will definitely loves high heels, purses, jewelry, and dancing. Apparently, he doesn't mind flamboyant hats either!

We got a special visit from Terry's grandpa Jay, and his wife, Sharon. They were in town for just a few hours, but got to pop in for a special photo-op with our favorite boy.