Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

I love this holiday, no matter what anyone says about it. Sure, like any of them, it can be completely commercialized, and cheapened, but when you have someone to love as much as I do Terry and Will, you relish any excuse to celebrate and dote on them.

My fondness of Valentine's started way back as a kid, when my mom or Nana would put together a little gift basket for me to open, usually during breakfast. She'd write a little love note to me and throw a few goodies in with some little gift. (She even had one for me this year!)

I started this weekend by bringing home some burgers and a shake to share with Terry after work Friday, about midnight. We cuddled and watched one of our favorite childhood shows--Stephen King's Stand By Me. We made the deal that I could sleep in Saturday, and he could sleep in on Sunday. I awoke to the sweet smile and cooing of my baby boy next to me, and the smell of a delicious breakfast being cooked by my other Sweetheart in the kitchen. He did chocolate chip heart-shaped pancakes, and even heart-shaped scrambled eggs for me! They were perfect, but still not as sweet as him!

We played on the floor, and fed Will his newest dish--prunes and oatmeal. Later we got cleaned up, and headed out to pick out eyeglasses for me, furniture shopping (a gift in itself by any man's standards), and a candlelit lunch. By the time we got home, it was too late for the crab dinner that Terry had planned for me, so I took a rain check and we had a pizza picnic on the living room floor instead. We took turns telling each other what we love about one another all day, and marveled at how we still get googley eyes for one another after nine years. (How could I not for such a handsome guy who is so wonderful of a dad, AND makes heart-shaped pancakes?!) Will had seemingly endless energy, and didn't fall asleep until almost 11:00 PM, shortly followed by us, and the best night's sleep I've had in a while.

I thank God every day for the wonderful men He has given me in my life, and the love and happiness that we share. Every day is worth celebrating them, Valentine's is just one more.

P.S. My gift to them was finally becoming a Wilke! It took a while, but I'm glad I came around finally. =}

New things: the chewing face, the bitter beer-face, the GargDoyle statue, foot reaching the mouth, old man pants, sitting up for 5 minutes or so, a second tooth!