Monday, November 1, 2010

Summer recap in one post...

Not only did we finish our awesome boat, but we purchased a John Deere tractor for the backyard (can't wait until he's old enough to take that chore over for real!), and we had a second birthday! We celebrated at the "splash pad," a really cool new feature popping up at local parks, and Will learned to drive! He's still not quite sure about that tractor, but he loves cruising in his pirate ship. Now he even climbs to the top by himself and has sword fights with us while he yells, "Arrrrggghhhh!" and, "Aye, mateys!" By now there's nothing that he doesn't say except for a clear, "yes" when asked a question. He does say "Yes, sir!" out of nowhere occasionally, and he'll confidently tell us, "Don't look at me," and "Don't talk to me" when he feels like it. I don't know whether to laugh or swat him for it... ; ) He also has an adorable way of getting us to do whatever he wants by very sweetly saying, "Come on, Mommy/Daddy. Let's go downstairs/outside/jump on the trampoline/get some Lightning McQueen fruit snacks/watch monster trucks," etc. He's totally got us wrapped! He's also thrilling us with his mental prowess on a daily basis. Now only does his extensive vocabulary grow daily, but he's memorizing movie dialogues, singing songs along with my iPod (AC/DC is one of his favorites), making friends at school (Josh now brings treats just to share with Will), and playing pretend (in the car he says, "Help Mater, he got stuck!" and similar adventures with other toys/movie characters while he's playing and eating. He's absolutely the best, and we tell him every day!

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