Monday, November 1, 2010


After lots of debating, we finally settled on a theme for our Halloween costumes just as Dad was about to lose his mind! I'm excited about the holidays now that Will's old enough to get into them with us, so I insist on having us dress up in relation to each other. Hey, it's a pain, but he'll only let me do this for so long...I want to do it while I can! Since everyone knows we love dogs, 101 Dalmatians seemed like a natural. My only problem was that this theme seems to be out this year and I couldn't find costumes anywhere! I finally decided to dust off the old sewing machine and give my creative muscles some exercise. The helpful staff at the fabric store helped me find a simple pattern for Will's costume, and I winged it on my cape. We found some great accessories like Dad's dogcatcher net and some robotic Dalmatian puppies to whimper and wiggle in it! It was a hit, and we got plenty of use out of them. We had a kid party at Weber State for the nontraditional students Friday night (as you can see, Will is a totally party animal!), trick-or-treating with the Moores in the rain on Saturday, and then Terry and I got to go out again, thanks to Uncle Harry, for an adult party with some long-ago friends. He and Will had their own monster truck party until about midnight and he talked Harry into reading six books before bed! He was thrilled to see him again in the morning, and Dad made a big breakfast for all of us before we headed outside to do our fall clean-up. It was just another typically wonderful weekend for the Wilkes!

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