Saturday, November 28, 2009

So busy....

Sorry for the lack of blog updates...
It's been crazy busy for us (mom especially). There's only two weeks left of school (finally!), Terry and I had really great birthdays, and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma C and Grandpa D.

Not only has Will mastered walking, he's now working on running, climbing, and playing musical instruments!

One day Dad caught him climbing up from his little table onto the entertainment center to have a front row seat!

He quickly learned to build with his Megablocks, and learned to tear them down even faster. He plays keep-away with his ball, and has learned to say "no, no, no, no, no" albeit very politely.

We celebrated Dad's birthday by going out to Garcia's for Mexican food (our tradition). And watching Dad's favorite shows on TV while we played with blocks.

We celebrated my birthday at the grandparent's house, and were joined by Uncle Chris. While Will slept Chris, Terry, and I went up shooting in Avon, and had the whole place to ourselves. There was a beautiful light snowfall, and we had a blast target shooting at old pumpkins and champagne bottles. Then we headed back for dinner and some very special live music from Chris on his guitar. He played my request, Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", and I got quite sentimental. It was one of my favorite gifts.

Chris joined Shelly and the kids in Carmel, CA for Thanksgiving, so it was just us and Grandma and Grandpa. Of course we still cooked enough to feed a small army, and enjoyed every bit of it! Will even worked on a turkey leg, and sucked the bone for probably 10 minutes! He got to partake a lot more this year than last, and I think he gets his taste from me. His favorites were the turkey, yams and pumpkin pie, just like me!

We cleaned up and headed home without him while he spent the night there. And we had some fun Mom-and-Dad-time despite a lack of knowing what to do with ourselves. We wandered around Wal-mart since our movie wasn't in theaters yet, then came home to play video games. It was pretty uneventful, although it's something we never get to do anymore. =)

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