Monday, May 3, 2010

Proud moments

I made Will proud when I graduated with honors last weekend with my Associate's Degree from Weber State University. Nana, my mom, Chris and I make up three generations of Weber graduates! It has taken forever, but the next one will hopefully come sooner now that I've finally picked a program! Unfortunately (for me, not them) Mom and Dominick were in Greece at the time, and Chris and Shelly were unable to attend, but Nony, Nana, Terry, Will, and my friends Teresa and Vanh were there to cheer for me. That made it even sweeter! Add to that my recent weight loss and new wardrobe shopping spree, and I was feeling pretty great!

Afterward, Will came home and walked around in Daddy's shoes for a while. Now I understand why Bigfoot pictures are always blurry! He clomped around for a while before taking them off to begin running! He's a quick little bugger now! He's even going downstairs upright just holding the railing! It gives me a heart attack every time I watch, but he just looks so proud! He decided he wanted to walk the dogs now too, so we did several laps around the yard with great success. I'm pretty sure the dogs were less than thrilled about it, but they behaved, and he just beamed!

His vocabulary was at about 70 words, but it's skyrocketed in the last two weeks! I was so proud this week when he conjugated a verb! He normally says, "Where'd go?" but now also says, "Where going?" (He's been speaking similar complete sentences for months now. I'm sure he's a genius. Just sayin'...) And he authoritatively tells the dogs (and Daddy) to stay out of the kitchen and off his favorite chair.

We had planned a sandbox project for the short break between spring and summer semesters, but it quickly evolved into a more elaborate plan, as you can see. Not bad for only a few hours of work, aye? Terry and I make a sweet construction team! We decided we can handle that cabin in the woods ourselves. Will's pirate ship playhouse/sandbox will help us "build" the skills we'll need! I look forward to posting updates of this project, and would appreciate any suggestions for a name for the boat. I'm thinking about "Sandy Duncan".

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