Saturday, April 25, 2009

Uh Oh!

Our boy started crawling (real crawling) and pulling himself up in the same week! It's been very cute, but also nerve-racking! He crawled over to the end table and rocked it just enough to send an 8x10 framed photo of us crashing down on his head (and it left a dent according to dad, ouch!). Then there was the day that I walked past his room and noticed him standing at the edge of his crib (yikes!), and the dog's water being continuously knocked over. So we're busy around here. We learned a lesson about tiny digestive systems not liking eggs too. See the diaper-clad photos from the day the threw up three times all over both of us before I decided to let him stay in the buff. He was so cute and sad at the same time! Even with an upset stomach, he's still the sweetest and happiest boy I know. After he felt better on the weekend, we met Aunt Shelly, the kids, and some of Mom's friends from work at the Thai New Year festival in Layton, and went to the Gateway to have the computer fixed and watch kids play in the fountain. Sunday we drove up to visit Grandpa Jim's grave and let Will play on the grass for the first time! We had a picnic there, then drove up to the reservoir to let the dogs swim. Well Baby swam, Doyle took a few steps in and just barked until she came back to shore. That silly dog even grabbed her leash and tried to pull her back in several times! We had a busy, and wonderful weekend!

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