Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will's First Bowl of Cereal!

Now that he's just a few days shy of six months, and cutting his first tooth, we decided it was time. Dad voted for Cocoa Pebbles, and I chose FrankenBerry, but Willy Bear wanted rice. Not even with the snap, crackle, or pop. It wouldn't be my first choice, but as you can see...he loved it! He was so excited that he was trembling all over! It was no comparison to our tasty Red Lobster dinner, but it was a momentous occasion none the less. Friends Becky and Ricci were there to cheer him on, and after a few spoonfuls he took to it like a dog to water. = } He's already holding his bottle fairly well, and it looks like he'll be wielding that spoon in no time! We knew it would be easy, but not that easy! Becky even pretended to pout about how we got such a good baby, when she wanted me to suffer for changing my mind on her (about having a baby). We knew all along that he would be wonderful all around!

It was also Nana's birthday, and we got to have a fun video chat with her for a while in the afternoon. Technology is awesome! Although, I think Nana wishes we had an instant transporter too!

Hopefully, here's enough of a glimpse to feel like you were there with us:

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